About Bioland

Representing the future of agriculture

Bioland is the leading association for organic farming in Germany. About 8,700 farmers, gardeners, beekeepers, and winegrowers produce according to the Bioland standards. In addition, more than 1,400 processors such as bakeries, dairies, butchers, restaurants, and traders are Bioland partners. They act as a community of shared values for the benefit of humanity and the environment.

For 50 years, Bioland members have developed an ecologically, economically and socially sound alternative to the intensive conventional farming system that depends on industry and outside investors. The Bioland farmes strive to produce high quality and healthy food. Our livelihoods and a diverse cultural landscape can only be secured when we work in balance with nature, support biodiversity, protect our environment, and mitigate climate change.

Organic farming is: taking responsibility for our future. The “Seven Bioland principles of the agriculture of the future” are an integral part of Bioland and its work.

Bioland bears social responsibility by establishing sustainable jobs and maintaining a living culture in rural areas. This is accomplished by fair partnerships between farmers, manufacturers, and retailers. In these partnerships, fair prices provide the economic basis for the sustainable development of independent farms and make organic farming an attractive professional field for young people. Bioland constantly enhances the system of organic biological farming and thus the sustainability of agriculture as a whole.

Bioland is a registered association (in German „eingetragener Verein“) and grass-roots democratic. In representing the interest of its members and partners, Bioland promotes societal values and develops approaches to current and future challenges such as supply with healthy and GMO-free food, animal friendly farming, and climate protection.

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